Friday, June 24, 2011

Archos brings Android to your home with the Archos 35 Smart Homephone and Home Connect

On the second portion of the new android devices that Archos has announced today is another pair of android devices for your home called the Archos 35 Smart Home Phone and the Archos 35 Home Connect which is an Android based DECT phone. Both of these devices are ideal for the home user and especially if you're into just about everything Android (like myself), you'll definitely love it. 

Starting off with the Archos Home Connect, this device is essentially a music box and allows you to stream your music contents or radio anywhere in your home such as the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. The device provides Wifi connectivity and is extremely small, compact, lightweight and easy to carry around with amazing sound quality from the speakers of this device.

On the other hand, we have the Archos 35 Home Phone which is essentially an Android DECT phone which brings you all the features that you love in today's smartphones with thousands of apps such as weather, news, games and traffic. Both the Archos 35 Home Phone and the Archos 35 Home Connect features a built in front-facing camera for video calling, baby monitoring or even for room/house surveillance.

Both devices are expected to be made available sometime in September this year with an RRP of $149 for the Home Connect while the Smart Home Phone is expected to retail at $159. Check out the full press release for these smart devices here.

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