Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fieldrunners HD to be released soon by Subatomic Studio exclusive for Android

Subatomic Studio will be releasing their first Android only exclusive game called Fieldrunners HD some time this Thursday. This is probably the first time that I've heard of any game that is set to be released exclusively on the Android platform. Now what is Fieldrunners HD all about?

Well Fieldrunners HD is actually an awesome looking tower-defense style game with some really nice eye candy to boot. Don't believe me? Take a look at this really great screenshot of the game:

Looks good doesn't it? The next question you'd be asking is, how much does it cost? Well, it will be made available for FREE in the Android Market this week's Thursday. After that, the game will cost $2.99 only should you miss Thursday's deal. So set a reminder so that you don't forget - the game will only be made available for FREE for 24 hours. Check out the full press release at the source.

Source: Droid Gamers

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