Thursday, June 30, 2011

Google Nexus Prime Rumours Swarm The Net

There's been a lot of rumours going on lately with regards to Google's next Nexus phone project. A while back after the first Google phone - the Nexus One was launched, Google mentioned that there won't be a Nexus Two (ever) which was somewhat misleading because the second Nexus did came out in the form of Nexus S (as pictured below). But if you think carefully, they didn't  lie either because what they probably meant is there won't be a Nexus phone called "Nexus Two" but instead "Nexus S" (which sounds a bit like "Nexus Second" in some ways) got released.

The latest news and rumour is that Google is preparing to launch another Nexus series phone called Nexus Prime with the manufacturer probably being Samsung again since they did a great job with the Nexus S and sales have been pretty decent. What is interesting is that the specifications of this new Nexus phone will be mindblowing. Even the screen technology will be the best one yet sporting a cool Super AMOLED Plus HD which will be a 720p HD display from Samsung. 

Apart from that, some other interesting specifications include a 1.5 Ghz Dual Core Arm Cortex A9-OMAP processor with 1 GB Dual Channel RAM. My hunch tells me that Google will probably be launching this phone shortly after Ice Cream Sandwich's release to make full use of that dual-core processing capability that Ice Cream Sandwich is supposed to be optimized for. Excited yet? So are we! Lets wait and see how this turns out, it's definitely going to be interesting.

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