Thursday, June 30, 2011

Modify Your EEE Pad Transformer's Dock Layout

For those of you who own an Asus EEE Pad Transformer (like myself) with the keyboard dock and have rooted their device, a fine chap at XDA forums have came up with a nice guide to teach you on how to remap certain keys on the keyboard. For instance, you can remap the top row function keys from the standard android ones to the normal window-esque F1-F12 if you wish.

So if you're in for a bit of tweaking, head on over to XDA Forums for the full guide. Do make sure you backup your configuration first before messing around with the dock layout. Happy configuring :)


Aidan M G Moore said...

top row function keys - what do they do, how do I find out?

Malcolm said...

If not mistaken it is in your dock manual (if there was one, cant recall)..otherwise just try them one by one..the icons are pretty self explanatory actually...

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