Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Popular Torrent Manager Transdroid Removed From Android Market

Looks like there's a lot of activity going on in the Android Market lately. The latest news is that the popular torrent manager Transdroid was removed from the Android Market apparently due to the application violating the Android Market's policies. We all know that torrent applications are actually legal but why did Google decided to remove Transdroid all of a sudden? Another interesting thing to note is that the application source codes are currently hosted on Google's own servers and some time back, Google had awarded the application author with a free phone too. Strange isn't it?

Updates from the Transdroid site indicates that the Transdroid author has requested Google to reinstate the application and has mailed them a stripped down version of Transdroid which hopefully complies with Google's policies. This new version removes the search and ezRSS features from the application which could be the very reason why it was pulled out from the android market the first place.

Lets hope that the new version will satisfy Google's program policies because this is one of the best applications out there. Despite being pulled out from the Android Market, the application is still available for download at Transdroid official site. 

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