Friday, June 24, 2011

Samsung Finally Reveals Official Galaxy Tab 10.1 Accessories

The official accessories for Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been officially revealed to the public. Honestly I must say, Samsung did a great job in terms of making the accessories look great - almost as good (if not better) than Apple's own iPad accessories offerings. Just take a look at this cool keyboard dock and book cover case pictured here:

Here's a full list of the official accessories that are available for purchase now:

  • Keyboard dock priced at $70
  • Book cover case priced at $60
  • Multimedia dock priced at $35 (not including HDMI adapter which is sold separately at $30)
  • Conducive stylus priced at $20
  • Leather case priced at $30

Besides that, Samsung will also release a bluetooth keyboard (for your lap) and an SD card adapter sometime mid-summer. You can check out the Galaxy Tab and (some) of its accessories in its full glory here.

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