Friday, June 24, 2011

Samsung Galaxy SII Launches...Into Space!

For some strange reason, that funky little Android seems to love space. Not too long ago both the Google Nexus One and also Nexus S was launched into space..for the fun of it. Now its Samsung's turn to launch their flagship Android Smartphone - the Galaxy S II into space in conjunction with JP Aerospace. So how did they do it? They sent the phone 30,000 meters into the air using a space balloon and the astronaut that was carrying it was filmed - the entire time! 

Well to put it simply, the Galaxy S finally got its wish to see the Galaxy out there beyond earth. The device is expected to land on the 15th of July and Samsung will be broadcasting the entire event live on UStream. Do check out the space-balloon site for an extended look on this crazy event that is sure to be the talk of the Galaxy (pun intended!)

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