Sunday, June 26, 2011

Web version of Android Market adds breakdown of user review ratings

If you've checked out the Android Market lately, you'll notice that Google has added a new user review ratings breakdown in the web version of the Android Market. What you get to see is a complete rating breakdown for each star and also the overall average rating.

This would then allow users such as us to have a better judgement on the quality of the apps we are downloading instead of just relying on the overall average which does not paint an accurate picture. Besides this new feature, the device compatibility feature was also added recently sometime earlier this month and I must say that Google is doing a great job so far in improving the overall Android Market experience for everyone.

Here's a screenshot of how the new features looks like (the device compatibility and breakdown of ratings) for one of our own Android Apps - Screen On Toggler:

Click on the screenshot for a larger image.

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