Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Android 3.2 To Feature New Zoom To Fill Screen Functionality For Tablets

We've just received word that the upcoming Android 3.2 HoneyComb release will feature a new "Zoom To Fill Screen" feature which scales and fills up the screen for applications that do not officially support tablets. The end result will be more pixelated but you'll get to view the app in full screen and make full use of the tablet's real estate space.

While most applications look fine in HoneyComb, some will definitely prefer this new "Zoom to fill screen" feature which should have been released when HoneyComb was announced. The feature is similar to iPad's 2x zoom in feature that allows non iPad optimized applications to scale up 2x which also results in pixelation. Android 3.2 is slated to be released with a Motorola Xoom update first and then trickle down to the other tablets soon after.

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