Friday, July 22, 2011

Android Market Now Supports Multiple APKs Per App Listing

Google has just made it possible for developers to upload multiple APKs to the Android Market for each of their APP listings. Now what does this really mean? Its very simple actually - normally if an application has separate versions of their app, say one for tablets and another for smartphones, they will usually appear in two separate listings or items in the Android Market. 

With this new ability to upload multiple APKs per App listing, developers can now use just one single listing for different versions, screen sizes or even chipsets of their applications. This means as a user, you no longer have to perform a search like "Swiftkey X Tablet" or "Swiftkey X for Tablets" but instead, "SwiftKey X" should return both tablet and smartphone versions of the application in a single listing. 

Basically everything is under one roof and should also cut out the clutter on the Android Market during searches as well. Besides that, all the statistics, reviews and billing data are all aggregated across all APKs. 

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