Saturday, July 2, 2011

App Review: Storage Analyzer

Its been very quiet so far today and there's not much interesting news to report, so I thought I'd do a quick app review instead. Now, how many times have you faced storage issues especially with your SD card or even internal storage (of 16/32 GB flavours)? I think most of us have either faced this issue or will be facing this issue sometime in the near future.  

Another issue is that we don't know what is really eating up our storage space, is it some game data that was left over during the last uninstall ? Or was it some temporary data? Read more after the jump.

Well thankfully, there's this nifty little app called Storage Analyzer created by a developer (or development team) called "LeveloKment". What this app does is provide you with a bar graph of each individual folder on your SD card (or internal storage for that matter) and how much space is used in total for each folder. You can also drill down to each individual folder and check out which files or folders are eating up the most space.

Besides that, with Storage Analyzer you can also filter known contents such as your music folders so that it doesnt appear when filtered (this can be toggled on/off with a simple button press). Besides that, there's the standard sort order by alphabetical, symbols, folder sizes and they can be sorted either in ascending or descending order (by pressing on the icon again to sort in the opposite direction).

Another important feature is the ability to delete a particular file or folder from the application directly by long pressing on a folder or file. If you long press on the folder or file once, the selected folder or file will be checked and if you long press on the same folder or file again, the app will automatically select all the files and folders within that directory so that you dont have to check each file / folder one by one.

At the moment this application is still in the early development stage according to the developer(s) but shows a lot of promise even for an early version. Only one feature missing is the ability to directly specify the path to analyze. By default it appears to be checking the /mnt/sdcard folder which is where either the SD Card is mounted or the internal storage path lies in most cases (as I've tested on my Asus EEE Pad Transformer tablet). Hopefully the developer(s) will add this feature in soon, then it'll be just great.

As you can see from the screenshot, the application works nicely on my Asus EEE Pad Transformer which runs on HoneyComb. It also works great on my Nexus One too so if you're on the lookout for an application that gives you a visual (including textual) idea of how much space is used up, do check out Storage Analyzer from the link below:

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