Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Death Cop Found As A Mecha Game

Apart from Destroy Gunners SP, there's actually another mecha game in the Android Market called "Death Cop" - Mechanical Unit. This game is also available for FREE and has some pretty nice features such as:

  • 3 Mechs with different features.
  • 16 missions in different locations combining three playing modes.
  • 11 powerful weapons: UZI, magnum, grenade launcher, sniper, machine gun, shotgun, flamethrower, rocket launcher, missile launcher, electric cannon and saw.
  • Amazing 3D graphics depicting very different locations.

Naturally, the game is ad-supported but hey, its a free game so you can't really complain right? I've tested the game out on my EEE Pad Transformer and it works flawlessly without any crashes. I was able to get through the first stage successfully unlike Destroy Gunners for some strange reason, even at the first stage itself, as I'm in action, the game would just crash and throw me a nasty force close exception. So if you want to try out another mecha game, give this one a try too since its free! 

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