Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fieldrunners HD To Be Released Today

Remember that stunning looking tower defense game we mentioned a while ago called Fieldrunners HD? Well, the developers indeed keeping to their word and will be releasing Fieldrunners HD for free on the 7th Of July (its still not out yet, I suppose the release date is based on the US timezone Its Out NOW!).  

However the free version will only be made available at the Amazon App Store which means unless you're in the US or have an unofficial way of accessing the Amazon App Store, you won't be getting it for free. 

Thankfully, even if you don't have access to the Amazon App Store, you'll still be able to download the game at the Android Market for a discounted price of $0.99 for the first 24 hours and after that, it'll be going for $2.99. 

So while its not free for everyone else who only has access to the Android Market, you'll at least be able to get it at only $0.99 which is very cheap considering the game's stunning graphics as you can see pictured above which is the iOS version of the game. So stay tuned and we'll let you know when the game is officially released so you can grab it right away.

EDIT: It is now available in the Android Market and Amazon App Store! Go grab it now while it is cheap! Here's the link: 

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