Saturday, July 9, 2011

Firefox 6 Beta For Android Updated

Mozilla has released a new update to the beta version of Firefox 6 for Android and it consists of some great enhancements and improvements namely:

  • The new first-run experience gets you directly to the home page and briefly shows you browser features in the side panels. Firefox starts up faster and uses less memory.
  • Higher-quality image scaling (on devices with NEON-compatible processors). Smoother zooming, less pixelation, crisper display of logos, etc.
  • Improvements for large-screen tablets: Optimizing Firefox for larger tablet devices, e.g. by adjusting UI elements, buttons, font size. (Phase 1)
  • Better integration of Form Assistant for a smoother user experience
  • Visual refresh with new Gingerbread theme for phones running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread): A fresh look for the browser to look even more beautiful on Gingerbread.
  • Universal Access: Optimized rendering of pages that use RTL layout (languages like Arabic, Hebrew) 
  • Touch Events (part 1 - single touch only): Expose touch events to content for better interaction with web pages and services, and improved compatibility with existing web content.
  • IndexedDB database storage for web pages
  • Better performance and improved memory management
  • Automatic text hyphenation with the -moz-hyphens CSS property
  • Move Find In Page, Share Page, and Save As PDF to app menu on Android
  • Implement the W3C DeviceOrientation Event Specification
  • Selecting "Tabs from other computers" on home screen directs to Preferences
  • WebGL textures broken when decode-on-draw is enabled
  • Tweaks to Firefox Gingerbread UI 
  • Update Gingerbread UI for Preferences/Downloads/Addons and Context Menu
  • Tweak selection color in Gingerbread theme

So if you're interested to try out the latest and greatest Firefox 6 beta, head on over to the Android Market link here and give it a whirl!

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