Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gameloft is giving away free Android HD games this weekend

Make no mistake boys and girls - you heard that right - Gameloft will be giving away 3 free Android HD+ titles for free this weekend's Friday, Saturday and Sunday! So what's the catch? Well for each of the days, one Android game will be released for free for 2 hours (yes two hours only) and you have to download it on Gameloft's own mobile store on your android device within the two hours period. Here's the promo pic:

Now, it is anyone's guess which 2 hours of each of the 3 days they will be releasing the 3 games for free, but we have a pretty good idea that they will either announce it or give you some clues on Gameloft's own Twitter and Facebook accounts. So stay sharp and check those social networking accounts often when the time comes for your chance to download 3 free games!

Do take note that according to the promo site link here, it is a UK only promotion and that the games can only be downloaded via their store when you visit it with your mobile browser. I'm not sure if you'll be able to get the games if you're not in the UK, so you can either try your luck or perhaps ask Gameloft UK on twitter or facebook about this offer.

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