Thursday, July 28, 2011

Google Authenticator Updated - Adds Countdown Timer

Google has update the Google Authenticator Android App which now adds a countdown timer for the token number so that you know how long before the next token number takes place. For those who don't know what this application is for, the Google Authenticator is used in conjunction with your Google Accounts two-step verification option, that is if you enabled it.

Once enabled, when you login to any Google Services on the web, apart from your standard gmail username and password, you have to key in a "token number" that is generated by the Google Authenticator. It is basically an additional layer of security to ensure that your Google Account is safe since most of us have lots of private and important information, it is important to safeguard it from hackers or prying eyes. Head on over to the link below to get the updated Authenticator.

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