Monday, July 18, 2011

Minor Update To EEE Pad Transformer's 3.1 Firmware

ASUS has released a minor update to the HoneyComb 3.1 firmware for their best selling EEE Pad Transformer tablet prior to the upcoming Android 3.2 release. There's no official changelog at the moment but here are some of the changes that we've noticed:

  • New bootup logo with Powered by Nvidia
  • Upgraded GPS and Wifi driver versions
  • Slightly improved sound
  • Added Nvidia Tegrazone App
  • Option to hide keyboard dock notification / nag when not using the default ASUS keyboard
  • Splashtop App updated
  • Performance improvements especially in homescreen

That's pretty much what we've noticed so far. While the list isn't impressive, ASUS must be commended for releasing updates this quickly. We're still waiting for the Android 3.2 update to be released and this is expected to be out sometime end of this month or early August.

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