Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thousands of email addresses leaked by Dolphin Team

If you're one of the Dolphin browser's beta testers where you were required to provide your email address, we have some bad news for you - your email address may have been leaked. You've probably gotten the alarming email which contained thousands of email addresses of other beta testers in your mailbox. In the mail it also contained some sort of a key hash of some kind which we're not sure what it represents or whether it is related to the email addresses themselves.

Even though you did not receive this email, your email address might have been leaked. At the moment we don't have any other details or comments from the Dolphin team, hopefully they'll be able to sort this mess out. It goes without saying that once we provide our email address out there, there's a high possibility that we'll either be getting spammed or getting our email addresses leaked one way or another. The dolphin team needs to make sure something like this doesn't happen again as it will make their customers lose confidence in their ability to do something as simple as...sending out a mailing list.

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