Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Viber Now Out Of Beta, Released For Free On Android Market!

The Free Call & Text Messaging app Viber, which was previously in Beta is now in the final release version and is available for free on the Android Market! With Viber, you can make free calls and send text messages for free to anyone , anywhere with no extra charges as it utilizes your existing 3G or Wifi data connection. What's more, it is cross compatible with iPhone Viber users. This means, you can actually chat and send messages to both iPhone and Android users that have Viber installed on their phones! I've just tested the Text function and it works perfectly as I was sending to a friend of mine who owns an iPhone.

The app is similar to skype but unlike skype, it doesnt require an account to function. All you need to do on first launch is to key in your phone number and a text message will be sent to you to confirm your number and activate your account and that's it! Give it a try, I find it better than Skype since I have most of my friends (iPhone friends) on Viber already.

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