Sunday, July 3, 2011

Windows 8 UI looks great on Android Tablets

In the past we've seen several Windows Phone 7 UI look-a-likes ranging from music players to launcher replacements land on the Android Platform. But have you ever seen a Windows 8 UI on an Android Tablet? Such as the one shown by WP7Android on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Check out the video below:

You might be wondering, how did they do that? Well simple, they're going to launch an app called "WP7Lock" and what you saw is just a preview version of the lock screen app coupled with some ADW Launcher setups and a lot of time spent with Desktop Visualizer. So far it looks good and I can't wait for them to release the lock screen app so that we can have a complete WP7 / WP8 UI experience on our Android Devices

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