Wednesday, July 20, 2011

YongZH Emulators Available for FREE In SlideMe Market

Remember when you were kids you used to play Mario? You can relive those childhood memories thanks to YongZH who has released his range of emulators for free in the SlideMe Android Market. Now you might be wondering, why did he release it for free? While the emulators are free, it is only available for a limited time only (2 weeks, and it was released last week, so you have about 1 week more to grab it).

Apart from that, it was due to the emulators being pulled off from the Android Market, so since many people can't buy it anymore, YongZH decided to release it for free for a short period of time to make the already paid Android Market customers happy. Well he's also made those who have not paid for it happy, since practically anyone can get it for free. So do check out YongZH's range of emulators, they work very well even on Tablets I can assure you as I have tested them on my ASUS EEE Pad Transformer. 

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