Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adsense Account Disabled

I just got the bad news this morning when I woke up - my adsense account has been disabled. This is sad news indeed and I have since filed an appeal for the "invalid activity" reason that was given by Google Adsense team that led to my account being disabled. I'd like to thank everyone who have supported this site, but should my adsense account be reinstated, please only click on the ads that you are interested in (and not go on a "click spree"). Thanks :)

As you may have noticed then, the ads from the sites are gone. In some of the articles, there will be blank spaces as placeholders for these ads. Don't worry, the site will still continue to operate as this site is part of my passion and dedication to all things Android. If you wish to support the site, I'd greatly appreciate any donation amount of $2 and above (as paypal takes a small cut). Thank you in advance.

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