Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bored With Your Standard Contacts App? Try Contapps

Do you use your stock Android contacts app much? Most of us don't because the interface is boring and doesn't link with our favourite social networking services. If you want to spice up your contacts app, try Contapps - this is the most advanced contacts phonebook app ever which allows you to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare, Smart Dialer with T9 search and more!

  • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Foursquare integrated inside your phonebook contacts !
  • Smart dialer w/ T9 & Gesture search
  • Contacts widget
  • Maps & Navigation Integrated to your contacts phonebook
  • Filter contacts: Groups / Favorites
  • Sort contacts: A-Z, Frequency & Recent
  • Long press a picture to quick call your contacts

You no longer need to fiddle with multiple apps to connect to your friends and family, you just need Contapps with everything rolled into one great power packed app! The developers are also working hard to get Google + integrated into the app, so you can connect with your Google + contacts right from Contapps. Are you ready to spice up your contacts? Then head on over to the link below to get the FREE contapps:

Contapps (FREE) - Android Market

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