Wednesday, August 31, 2011

EA Releases Need For Speed Hot Pursuit For Xperia Play

EA has just released the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for Xperia Play handset and it is only available for purchase at their very own Flexion store again just like before. Looks like there's a lot of exclusive Xperia Play games lately so if you're an Xperia Play owner, be sure to check out the game at EA's flexion store. 

In Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, you get to play as a racer vs cop or cop vs racer where you get to drive supercars or hunt down racers with spikes, roadblocks and high powered interceptor police vehicles. The game features (if it is following the same featureset as the iOS version):

  • 20 different cars include 15 police variants
  • Career points and achievements
  • Solid 3D graphics
  • Local multiplayer for 1-on-1 racing through Bluetooth or local WiFi

The game is priced at $7 and can only be purchased at EA's flexion store and is currently an Xperia Play exclusive. If you own an Xperia Play handset, be sure to check out the game at EA's flexion store on your Xperia Play handset:

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit ($7) - Flexion Store

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