Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fancy Running Android On Your Machine?

Ever wanted to run Gingerbread or even HoneyComb on your PC? Now you can, thanks to the team at the Android-x86 project which is an open-sourced project dedicated to porting Android to run on your PC. The easiest way to try out Gingerbread or HoneyComb on your PC is to use the famous Virtual Machine software called Virtual Box by Oracle (Formerly by Sun MicroSystems). 

The Android-x86 project allows you to download Live CD versions of Gingerbread and HoneyComb and load them up through VirtualBox - all running from your Windows or Linux OS! With the Live CD you can also try it out on your actual physical (non-virtual) PC environment if you feel like it. All you need to do is to burn the ISO using a CD Burner and boot from the CD during your machine startup and you're ready to go! Of course, the easiest way is still to mount it from VirtualBox and boot it directly from VirtualBox. You can also install it to your physical hard disk (or virtual hard disk in Virtual Box) if you want to make the changes in the OS stick.

I've successfully booted through HoneyComb through VirtualBox but did not play around much, just launch a few apps and that's it. To use the mouse in HoneyComb, you must first disable the mouse integration by going to to "Machine" menu in VirtualBox then click on "Disable Mouse Integration" and you're good to do. To let your mouse out of the virtual environment and back to the physical OS, press the "Host" key (by default it is your right CTRL key).

I'll leave the rest of the exploring to you guys. Head on over to the download link below to grab the ISO and start exploring. Have fun!

Download Gingerbread & HoneyComb ISOs - Android x86 Project Site

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