Monday, August 8, 2011

Featured Game : Aliens Invasion

We've always been reporting news on the latest games or upcoming game titles, so lets showcase something different this time - featured games that we've tried and tested. Today's featured game title is Aliens Invasion by the developers iTreeGamer, a horizontal platform style action shooting game that allows you to well..kills aliens that are invading earth.

The gameplay mechanics are very simple, just control your cowboy-like character which carries a variety of weapons that you can purchase from the shop at a price at the end of each level and simply shoot-to-kill those aliens. Every now and then as you progress, you will see a "pub" or "bar" that you can enter to either get money or ammunition to assist you in your quest to kill aliens. More after the jump.

Graphics are pretty nice and simple for a game like this and the controls are excellent, you just need to move the character forward and backwards and have access to two main weapons at a time, namely a melee weapon such as an axe and a standard issue pistol at the start of the game. As you progress and gain more cash, you can purchase weapons and upgrades such as shotguns, machine guns and a cool plasma based weapon as well. Apart from that, you get to purchase health kits to heal yourself instantly just in case you're wounded. You can switch weapons in game by tapping on the ammo icon at the top right corner of the screen.

The aliens will appear as you walk through the level or from underground, burrowed. After every 10 levels, you will be fighting with a "boss" alien in which the first two bosses that I've fought and gone through so far is a giant alien "leg" that stomps you if you don't move fast enough to avoid it, then shoot it to wound it.

All in all, the gameplay is very simple, repetitive but since you get to buy new weapons, reload your weapons, and the aliens get tougher and faster as you progress, you'll never get bored so easily in this game. Definitely try out this game - I find myself currently addicted to it just as I was when Angry Birds first got released. Did I mention that it is completely FREE? Well, it is ad-supported but hey, you get to play this cool game for FREE so the ads is just a small price to pay for such an addictive game. 

Head on over to the link below to grab Aliens Invasion. Best played on your phone and it requires a minimum of a multi-touch device, so please make sure your phone supports multi-touch before attempting to play this game, otherwise it might not work properly. Also take note that it doesn't play well on tablets either, the game is very slow and doesn't work properly when I tested it on my EEE Pad Transformer but works great on my age old Nexus One phone.

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