Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Get Your Guitar Tabs With Guitar TabApp Pro

If you're a guitar player and have always been searching high and low for guitar tabs of songs to play on your guitar, then you will appreciate Guitar TabApp Pro. This app allows you to bring your guitar tabs everywhere on your Android smartphone and allows you to search for the guitar tabs that you want online.

  • Searches for guitar tabs online
  • Search for guitar tabs by band
  • Views retrieved guitar tabs
  • Saves online tabs to phone
  • Filters saved tabs by band
  • Adds / Edits your own guitar tabs with copy/paste
  • Pinchs and zooms tab view
  • Phone stays awake in tab view so that it doesn't sleep when viewing and playing
  • You can also copy tab files from your pc to sd card

Do take note that the developers do not guarantee accurate guitar tabs because the tabs are coming from an online archive which is usually user-contributed so don't go giving a low rating on the app just because the guitar tab you found from this app is not accurate! Guitar TabApp Pro is FREE so its worth checking out if you're a guitar player.

Guitar TabApp Pro - Android Market

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