Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gmail 2.3.5 Blacked Out Version

For those of you who are fans of the black theme as opposed to the light theme in Android Applications, here's another blacked out app for you to try out, this time it is the latest Gmail 2.3.5. Yet another genius folk at XDA has managed to modify the latest Gmail 2.3.5 release and smack a black coat of paint onto the UI. Here's how it looks like:

Apart from matching your black status bar theme if you're sporting a Gingerbread build, custom UI such as HTC sense or even on a custom ROM, you'll get to save some battery life if you use the Gmail applications often. There are two sets of instructions to get this blacked out version of Gmail - one for rooted users and the other for non-rooted users. As always, as a precaution, please backup your data before attempting this just in case something goes wrong. Head on over to the XDA forum link here to check it out.

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