Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Google App Inventor Discontinued, Lives On As Open Source

Google has decided to shutdown the App Inventor for Android service after its inception in July 2010 last year before going public in December 2010. For those who don't know, the App Inventor allows anyone with zero programming knowledge to develop applications for Android. The App Inventor was touted as the best thing that came out of the Google Labs but looks like we'll be seeing the end of it, at least from Google. 

The service is expected to be terminated by end of the year, so you still can play around the App Inventor till then and it will live on as an open source project. While we're not sure what kind of licensing scheme will be used, we're pretty sure some geniuses will pick it up and continue where Google left off. Head on over to the link below to check out the app inventor site while its still around and give it a whirl:

App Inventor Beta : Google Labs

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