Tuesday, August 9, 2011

HTC Updates HTC Developer Site, Releases OpenSense SDK

HTC has updated their HTC Developer site with a new addition to it - the OpenSense SDK which allows developers to harness the software & hardware innovations of HTC devices to develop rich mobile applications and experiences. What does that mean? My guess is that you get to develop applications that have an HTC Sense "look and feel" so that it is consistent across the entire Sense UI that comes with today's generation of HTC devices.

Besides the OpenSense SDK, there's also the Bootloader Unlock Tool that HTC is currently working on but isn't available yet. The Bootloader Unlock Tool is meant as a separate tool to unlock all the current and future HTC devices that will have a lock bootloader. This tool means good news for those who prefer to use custom ROMS such as CyanogenMOD as having a locked bootloader potentially prevents you from using a Custom ROM. Head on over to the new HTC Developer site here to check out the new OpenSense SDK.

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