Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Minor Update For ASUS EEE Pad Transformer Is Now Live!

The minor update that is scheduled to be released today for US and WW region devices for the ASUS EEE Pad Transformer is now up! It is currently downloading on my Transformer as I type this out. Just a quick recap, here are the changes to expect in this new update:

  • New build number
  • New Wifi build number
  • New GPS build number
  • New mobile dock build number
  • New bluetooth build number
  • Keyboard on/off switch when docked added.
  • Selectable cursor type option added (arrow or circle).
  • Mouse cursor trackpad movement reversed.
  • Official Netflix Support For US region devices only.

I believe the option to select between the arrow or circle cursor type is the most welcome one of all after we were forced to use the circle cursor unless a USB mouse was plugged in when the Transformer first got the Android 3.2 update a while back. Apart from that, the reversal of the trackpad movement is also a welcome move which made me wonder why it was reversed in the 3.2 update in the first place - perhaps an oversight on a bug of sorts. 

In any case, if you're still not getting the update automatically yet, try to go to your Settings > About Tablet and click on the Check For Updates button to manually check for updates if it isn't auto-updating by now. If you're still not getting it, you'll probably have to wait a while more as it may take time to propagate to your region.

There's also a dock update when you boot up your Transformer and see your homescreen for the first time after the firmware update. You will see a triangle shaped exclamation mark, tap on it and tap on the notification to start the mobile dock update if you have your mobile dock connected. Do NOT unplug your mobile dock during this update. It will only take about a minute or so. Once done you will see an icon that looks like a "downloading" icon on the notification bar. Tap it to see the message and it should read that the update is completed and you may now use your mobile dock.

I have also checked out the new selectable cursor type - it allows you to choose between the normal cursor mode or a gesture mode. Cursor mode is back to pre-3.2 mouse cursor with the touchpad scrolling back to the way it used to be - swiping your fingers from top to bottom will scroll down and vice versa. You will lose the ability to do pinch to zoom gesture which was introduced in the initial 3.2 update.

On the other hand if you set the cursor type to gesture mode, you will get back the round cursor which came with the 3.2 update for the Transformer. You can do pinch to zoom gestures and the touchpad scrolling is the reverse of the cursor mode - swiping your fingers from top to bottom will scroll UP instead or DOWN and vice versa. So make sure you stick to one mode otherwise you may get confused as to swipe up or down to scroll up or down (and vice versa). 

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