Tuesday, August 30, 2011

N3xGen Theme Manager Released

If you're like me and just can't stick to one theme and love to try out new themes, then N3xGen Theme Manager is the right app for you. The N3xGen Theme Manager takes all the chaos from the Android Market and organizes them into one neat app. It supports themes from ADW, ADW Ex, Launcher Pro, Launcher Pro Plus and T-Mobile's Theme Chooser (or ROMs that support Theme Chooser).

If you're a theme developer you can also register your themes for free at the developer's site. Here are the features of N3xGen Theme Manager:

  • An easy to use User Interface to find a theme.
  • Support for ADW Launcher
  • Support for ADW EX Launcher
  • Support for Launcher Pro
  • Support for Launcher Pro Plus
  • Support for T-Mobile Theme Chooser (Cyanogen mod rom’s as well)
  • An pain free system to submit your theme

That's just the tip of the iceberg! More features are coming soon:

  • Search
  • Hopefully more launchers
  • Support for non market themes so if you choose to not submit it to the market, you can ill share your work with the world!
  • User Interface Upgrades (Re-write the sliding view layout)
  • Comments + Rating system

So if you're using an app launcher such as the ones mentioned above OR if you're using a custom ROM that runs theme chooser, head on over to the Android Market link below to check out N3xGen Theme Manager. Oh right. I forgot to mention - its completely FREE! Grab it NOW!

N3xGen Theme Manager Beta (FREE) - Android Market

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