Thursday, August 25, 2011

Polarbit Shows Us A Preview Of Their Upcoming Game: Tank Rider

Fresh from their latest smash hit Reckless Getaway, Polarbit is now working hard on their next upcoming title called "Tank Rider". Tank Rider is a 3D top-down birds-eye view tank game where you "ride" a tank and navigate through maze-like levels and collect coins and possibly powerups too. Along your "journey" you'll be dodging and destroying enemies as you navigate through the "maze".

There aren't much details yet so far but Polarbit is sure to be releasing this game to the Android Platform. I can't help but noticed that this game looks a bit like Tank Hero, one of the games in the Android Market which I believe is also based off a Nintendo Wii game of similar gameplay. However Tank Rider could have both single and multiplayer style games, so we'll know more once the game releases. For now, enjoy this sneek preview trailer:

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