Friday, August 12, 2011

Pops Makes Receiving Notifications...Fun :)

Have you ever received either a Gmail, Twitter, Facebook or even an SMS notification? I'm sure you have unless of course, you turned them off. Well if you want to have some fun with your notifications, check out Pops, an app that was specifically designed to make receiving notifications fun. 

One of its main features is that it allows you to choose from its ever-growing gallery list of videos and animations and set it along with the notifications that you wish to associate them with. So whenever you receive a notification, the selected video and/or animation will play accordingly, making that same boring standard notification appear somewhat, well, fun looking. More after the jump with full list of features, a video and the download link of course!

Here's a list of important features:

  • On screen notifications about new messages from different sources including the message text itself and the send name and photo.
  • Improved and visually rich messaging experience.
  • An ever growing gallery filled with packs of video and animated pops - more than 80 to choose from.
  • Use your own photos or videos or easily snap a photo or video using the device camera to create personalized Pops.
  • Log of all notifications in one place and one click access to each source of notification for quick reply (facebook, gmail, twitter, SMS).
  • Easily Freeze pops for a certain time frame ( during a meeting for example )

Dubbed the "ringtone for the smartphone generation", pops is set to turn your boring day to day notifications to a fun and exciting one with stunning videos and awesome animations. If you love to customize your phone, this is the right app for you. Check out the video below for a demonstration on Pops and then the download link. Before I forget, did I mention that it is completely FREE? Yep, you heard that right. Its free. Check out the video first, then the download. Have fun!

Download Pops For FREE - Android Market

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