Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Screen On Toggler 1.5 Released

I've just released version 1.5 of screen on toggler - my own "flagship" app that I've been working hard over the past 1 year since its development. New in this release is the ability to set a custom screen timeout setting via the main application itself. You can specify the timeout in either seconds or minutes, so you can actually set a screen timeout setting of say 35 seconds or 6 minutes if you wish.

For those who have no idea what Screen On Toggler does, let me give you a quick primer - Screen On Toggler is an app that is both Android 2.x and HoneyComb compatible and allows you to easily disable your screen timeout setting (basically means your screen won't timeout) via:

  • The screen on toggler main application itself
  • Long-pressing on your Android Device's search button and selecting "screen on toggler" (if your device is equipped with a search button)
  • By bringing down your notification bar and tapping on the application icon to enable/disable your screen timeout.

That's basically what the app does - its simple, straightforward, easy to use and I'm sure you will find yourself using it often when you're reading an ebook, surfing the web or just about anything you can think of. No longer will you need to manually set a longer screen timeout setting just to read that ebook of yours - just use screen on toggler! Screen On Toggler is available for FREE and it is ad-supported - if you love the app, please consider donating at least $2 and above to remove the ads from the application. Head on over to the download link below to grab it from the Android Market:

Screen On Toggler (FREE) - Android Market

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