Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Swype Beta 3.25 Released, Includes New Gestures And Personal Dictionary

The popular still-in-beta swype keyboard has been updated and is now in version 3.25. New in this release are gestures that allows you to do text manipulation such as cut/copy/paste/select all with ease. How does this work? Its very simple - you swype from the bottom left icon (the "i" icon) to the character "c" to copy, "x" to cut, etc. Next up is the application gestures where you can direct the selected text to an your favourite applications such as google maps or twitter for instance. To direct the text to the application, simply swype from the "swype" icon to "a" (to select the text) then to "t-then-w" to send the selected text directly to twitter!

Another feature is the addition of the personal dictionary management where you can manage the words that you add to your swype dictionary straight from the settings menu. Check out the video below which shows you how the new gesture features work:

You can head on over to the source link below to login to your swype account and grab the latest beta or register for the beta if you haven't already.

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