Wednesday, August 10, 2011

XDA Developer Releases DrainGuard, A Battery Drain Monitor Tool

An XDA Developer has developed a nifty tool called DrainGuard, a tool that can monitor your battery consumption in standby. You might be wondering, standby? Well that's the time between when your smartphone screen goes off and then goes on. DrainGuard will inform you the battery consumption the moment the screen is turned back on. This is useful when you want to check how much battery is drained while you are sleeping for instance.

The results of the drain checking will then be communicated to you via a simple on screen "toast" message or via notifications when the screen is turned back on. There are two versions available, a trial version which only  tracks drains between 100%-70% and the full version which does not have such limitation. Head on over to the XDA thread below to read more details about it and to grab the app. Full version costs 0.89 EUR.

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