Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon Unveils The Android Based 7 Inch Kindle Fire

As speculated by many and the time has finally arrived for Amazon to unveil their latest Kindle successor - the Kindle Fire. This slate is a 7 inch tablet and it runs on Android acting like a "Souped-up" version of the original Kindle. The most interesting part is the price of this new device from Amazon - it costs only $199 which is a big bargain for a 7 inch tablet. 

While it is an e-reader first, tablet second, the $199 price will definitely be a head turner despite the fact that it is a Wifi only device and has no camera nor microphone to keep the price down. Included in the $199 price is a 30 day trial of Amazon Prime - a free shipping membership of sorts.

More updates as it comes in..

Source: Engadget

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