Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boulder Dash XL Coming Soon To Android

Good news to all of you retro fans - Boulder Dash-XL, a remake of the old-skool game Boulder Dash is set to be released soon for Android thanks to the guys at Herocraft. Herocraft is partnering with First Star Software to bring you that '80s classic smash hit to Android and just like good old times, you will be helping Rockford and Crystal to navigate through the caves to collect diamonds while avoiding traps, falling boulders and monsters.

Boulder Dash-XL features a new 3D eye candy graphics while maintaining the core gameplay from the classics. If the new graphics are not your thing, you can still play it in pure Retro mode so you'll be able to remember how it looked like back in the day. No word on the release date except that it'll be available in the 2011 holiday season and is set to be released for both Android smartphones and tablets alike.

Check out the source for more screenshots and the full press release.

Source: Droid Gamers

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