Monday, September 5, 2011

Featured App: AppRemover

How many of you have actually downloaded a bunch of apps from the Android Market (or elsewhere) and absolutely hate to uninstall those apps one by one by going through the manage applications section, finding the name of the app or the game that you've just downloaded, click uninstall, wait, click ok, then repeat the process over and over again? Thankfully there's a really great app that I've been using for quite some time now, and it is this week's featured app - the AppRemover. Full review after the jump.

What AppRemover does is that it allows you to very easily and quickly uninstall apps just by tapping on the app name in the list and then you will be presented with a dialog, and you just tap OK to uninstall or Cancel to keep the app. Besides that, you can select multiple apps to uninstall by ticking on the checkbox next to the app icon and name and then click on the large "Uninstall" button below which will then give you the option to uninstall the apps that you've just selected one after another. This is useful when you need to uninstall a lot of apps at once and don't want to go finding the app, tap uninstall, click ok then wait for the uninstallation process and repeat it all over again which is very time consuming.

Beside that, you can do a search or filter the apps by a specific keyboard by typing it in the filter text box above which will filter the list and allows you to quickly search for app(s) that you wish to uninstall. Again, this feature saves you a lot of time when you have a large amount of apps or games like me.

That's not all, you can bring up the options / settings panel by pressing the context menu button on your Android device and as you can see from the screenshot above, you have the option to Show the Icon in the Notification bar (which should be enabled by default, unchecking this will hide the button), an option to Show check boxes for multiple selection of apps to uninstall, an option to show the filter panel to allow you to filter the apps in your Android Device for uninstallation and finally, the sort by option which allows you to sort the list of applications by Name, Size and by Date. Tapping the Sort By item once will sort it ascendingly and tapping it again will sort it descendingly and vice versa, so you can sort it by oldest or newest date first if you want to for instance.

That's about it, the app is very simple, straightforward but provides a very good interface which saves you a lot of time hunting down that app that you've just downloaded and want to uninstall and the list of apps comes up pretty much in an instance compared to the manage applications section in the Settings page which takes a while to enumerate the applications list. 

Do take note that there is an issue with the application size displayed in this list, if you move your app to SD, this list does not display the exact size that the app takes in your internal memory / phone compared to the one displayed in the manage applications but instead it displays the actual size of the entire app before it was moved to SD. This is one quirk that I think is not deal breaker from an otherwise awesome application.

AppRemover is available for FREE (ad-supported) at the Android Market which has over 500k - 1 million downloads so far. If you haven't tried it already, now's the time to grab it at the link below.

AppRemover (FREE) - Android Market

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