Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Screenshots Of HoneyComb On HTC Flyer!

Remember that we told you that HTC flyer will be getting HoneyComb via a Custom ROM? Well just take a look at the picture above (you may click on it for a larger picture). That's enough proof that its very much true thanks to Paul from MoDaCo who is working hard to get HoneyComb fully operational with Sense UI 1.1 for Tablets working for the HTC Flyer! This is the leaked HoneyComb 3.2 build which will also be shipped with the HTC JetStream that we mentioned in an earlier post.

XDA member globaltron has managed to get the leaked ROM working on his 32 GB flyer and the result is what you see in the screenshots above which looks awesome if you ask me. I wonder why HTC didn't put up a HoneyComb update for the Flyer? They could do it in their dev channels like what they did for the HTC Desire Gingerbread release. In any case, this is really good news as Paul tries to get this HoneyComb build fully operational for the HTC Flyer. Stay tuned!

Source: Android Bugle

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