Friday, September 2, 2011

G5 Entertainment brings Virtual City To Android

Fancy playing Sim City on Android? Now you can..sort of...G5 Entertainment has just released the Virtual City game for Android with Sim City-style gameplay that everyone loves. Build your city and construct landmarks such as the Marina, Train Depot and Space Launch Pad. With over 50 challenging levels in 5 different settings, you'll never be bored again! Of course, managing a city is never easy as you have to balance between elements of time, money, environment, population and happiness.

Virtual City Features:
  • 50 challenging levels in 5 different settings: colorado, california, michigan, montana and new york
  • 18 distinct Mission Scenarios
  • Over 50 different types of buildings
  • 25 Types of goods to transport and trade
  • 7 production chains to master
  • 16 special achievements to earn
  • Tens of upgrades and buildings to unlock

Virtual City is available for download for FREE and it is a trial version but you can unlock the full version in the game at 30% off for a limited time! Head on over to the Android Market link below to check out Virtual City.

Virtual City (FREE Trial) - Android Market

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