Monday, September 5, 2011

Get Organized With Samsung Pure Breeze Launcher

Its not everyday you get to see a big company like Samsung releasing a custom launcher for Android to the Android Market. Samsung has just released "Pure Breeze", a custom launcher for Android 2.1 handsets and above and lets you organize your apps into different categories, tasks and create shortcuts to your common apps. 

The "Kite" as Samsung calls it, is a floating window that is just one touch away from your phone's shortcuts and widgets. What this essentially does is replaces your home screen widgets and wallpaper (ack!). What you do get is a nice app launcher with different categories that you can create or customize with to your liking, renaming them as you wish and tossing different apps into groups such as Games, Angry Birds, Productivity and whatnot.

Here's the deal: there's a lite version which limits you of the number of items you can customize and there's a paid version which costs $1.99 that has no limitations whatsoever. I've tested the app out in my Nexus One and I must say that the app isn't that great but at least you can try out the lite version before parting with your hard earned $1.99 for this. Give it a try and see if you like it or not. I'd take ADW Launcher any time over this without a doubt.

Samsung Pure Breeze Lite (FREE) - Android Market

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