Tuesday, September 6, 2011

HoneyBar Makes Your HoneyComb Status Bar Go Poof!

Since the introduction of HoneyComb, there's this annoying (although some of us like myself have gotten used to it) issue where you just can't get rid of HoneyComb's status bar at the bottom. 

Google made it in such a way that it is completely visible even when running full screen applications but it is merely "dimmed" and still display the buttons in a dimly litted way. Enter HoneyBar, this app requires you to be rooted in order to function but if you are rooted, then HoneyBar can make the status bar in HoneyComb completely disappear!

As you can see from the screenshot above, when activated, it leaves a white rectangle in the center of the screen. After 10 uses, this rectangle will be completely gone and it is there to remind you to tap in that area to bring back the status bar just in case you panicked and wondered what happened to your status bar.

This app works even if you have TouchWiz UX on the Samsung Galaxy Tab with an experimental button offset as the center area is used to toggle the TouchWiz UX's mini apps, the author has relocated it to another position in the status bar for Galaxy Tab users. The app itself isn't free and costs a cheap $0.99 if you're interested. Honestly I think the app should be given out for FREE but I guess the author decided to make some money out of this, so if you're interested, head on over to the link below to make your purchase. 

HoneyBar [Root Required] ($0.99) - Android Market

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