Thursday, September 1, 2011

HTC Set To Release HTC Sensation SE With Beats Audio & Improved Specs

The folks at CNET have managed to get hold of HTC's upcoming Sensation Special Edition 2 which is an upgraded version of the HTC Sensation and sports the all-important Beats Audio technology. Apart from that, this new special edition Sensation will be getting a larger battery of 1730 mAh, up from the previous 1520 mAh and a faster processor - 1.5 Ghz Dual-Core Snapdragon processor versus 1.2 Ghz from the original Sensation. 

Everything else remains the same - the beats audio technology that comes with this new sensation will definitely help improve the multimedia aspects of this device and it also comes bundled with a beats in-ear headset which includes a remote control to boot! No word on the release date yet but source indicates that this SE of the Sensation is expected to be priced at around $847, quite pricey but this pricing is not confirmed yet, so we'll know more soon enough.

Source: CNET

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