Thursday, September 1, 2011

No more manually sorting through apps in folders with LiveSorter

If you're like me who have lots of games and applications, you will usually find yourself manually inserting apps into folders, sorting them alphabetically and such. Now you no longer have to do that. LiveSorter is a new app that automatically sorts installed applications according to their appropriate categories.

The app sits and wait for a new application to be installed and then puts it in the correct folder automatically! You no longer have to manually drag and icon from your app drawer to a folder or sort it manually anymore thanks to LiveSorter. The app is free but you can get the full version for a cheap $1.00 which includes more icons and better fine-tuning options for automated sorting. The $1.00 price tag is currently on promotion, so give the free version a try first and then buy the full version if you want more.

LiveSorter (FREE) - Android Market

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