Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Own A Dog? Willing To Pay Top Dollar For A Collar & An Android App?

Geodog GmbH are the developers of Geodog Mobile, an Android app that allows you to track your dog via a gps-enabled collar (which is sold separately). The app itself will display the location of  your dog, display topographical images and provide street directions to where your lost pet is. Besides that, there's also an offline map caching view that saves the maps for offline viewing if your dog is lost within an area that you've already saved which does not require any data connection.

Now get this - the gps collar itself costs $425 and the PRO version of the app itself costs a hefty $98.61 - probably the most expensive Android app in the Android Market that I've ever seen since SPB Shell 3D Launcher hit the Android Market some time ago. The collar at the moment ships only in the EU and if the PRO version is too costly, you can try out the 14 day LITE version of the app for free. If you're prone to losing your dog and live in Europe and have tons of cash to spare, do checkout GeoDog Mobile below.

GeoDog Mobile Lite (FREE) - Android Market
GeoDog Mobile PRO ($98.61) - Android Market

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