Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sentinel 3: Homeworld Tower Defense Game Released

I just love tower defense games especially if you play them on a tablet because of the amount of real estate space you get on a tablet compared to a phone and especially if the graphics are really really great like the top-notch FieldRunners HD which was released a while back. This time around, Origin8 Technologies have released their own tower defense game called Sentinel 3: Homeworld which is part of the award-winning Sentinel Tower Defense Series!

  • A gruelling campaign across 20 levels!
  • A powerful commander unit which can level up and gain new abilities as you play!
  • Over 20 unlockable turrets, orbital ship weapons, automated drones and abilities at your disposal!
  • Customize your weapon loadout in the Armory to match the demands of the mission.
  • Stunning graphics & fx!
  • Endless modes for all maps!
  • Classic mode allows you to compete for scores in a pure skill-based game mode!
  • Support for achievements, global scores, friends and more using OpenFeint!
  • View strategic layouts from the leaderboards - see how the best players think!
  • Exclusive music by Specimen A!

The game features some really gorgeous graphics I've ever seen in a tower defense game since FieldRunners HD was released. Don't believe me? Check out the video trailer from the iOS version and then head on over to the Android Market link after that to grab this game for a cheap $2.03!

Sentinel 3: Homeworld ($2.03) - Android Market

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