Friday, September 2, 2011

Smart Lyrics Helps You Identify The Lyrics Of The Song With Just A Tap

If you enjoy listening to music like me, you'll also enjoy searching for lyrics for that favourite song of yours. Usually the standard way of finding a lyric is to search through the web using a web browser. But that's not efficient right? 

That's where Smart Lyrics comes in. With Smart Lyrics, you don't have to open another app or your web browser to do the searching - all you have to do is fire up your music player, play the song that you want, bring down your notification bar and tap the smart lyrics icon and you're done! The lyrics will be displayed instantly! How's that for efficiency?

The app currently supports some of the well known media players such as:

  • Stock Android Music Player
  • HTC Music Player
  • Winamp
  • RealPlayer
  • DoubleTwist Player
  • Meridian Media Player
  • PowerAMP (needs Simple Scrobbler enabled)
  • 3(Cubed) Player (needs Simple Scrobbler enabled)

As you can see that pretty much covers more or less all of the major media players available for Android so you don't really have to worry. One of the players that are not supported is the one in Samsung Galaxy S II and other Samsung Galaxy models. Even the Sony Ericsson stock player isn't supported as well, only the stock android music player that comes default with the vanilla version of the OS without any TouchWiz UX on it and such.

Take note that the author does not guarantee the accuracy of the lyrics and also does not guarantee the lyrics for languages other than English at the moment. More features and more supported players are coming soon. In the mean time, you can grab Smart Lyrics from the Android Market for FREE.

Smart Lyrics (FREE) - Android Market

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