Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Age Of Defenders Is An Adobe Max Showcase Finalist! Cuketa Releases Official Teaser Trailer

Remember just few days ago we brought you the world exclusive preview of Age Of Defenders for Android? I've just got a heads up a few minutes ago from Cuketa's Community Manager - Lukas Zachar that Age Of Defenders has been selected as the Adobe Max Showcase finalist! The event is taking place in Los Angeles and if they get the most votes and win, they could win the first prize of $10,000 USD!

The last day of voting is on the 4th of October, 6:00 PM PST time (GMT -7) which is about 24 hours away from now. We would like to urge you guys to vote for this excellent tower defense/offense game after we show you this excellent teaser trailer by the Age Of Defenders team:

What did you think of that? Downright awesome isn't it? So please vote, vote and vote for them here, you have to register to vote and who knows, if they win the first prize, they *might* give the game out for FREE (crosses fingers)? No promises though, but its worth a shot, after all it isn't hard to vote! Check out the link below to vote:

Vote For Age Of Defenders - Adobe Max

Now on the release date, here's what the developers have to say - a picture paints a thousand words (and we'll leave you at that):

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